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Restaurant Guaranteed to Convert Los Angeles Haters

Don’t hate. Masticate! Our food! We’re on and made this list. We feel honored to be included. l

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We Like We Like L.A.!

Thank you to We Like L.A. for including us on this list for 17 Spots for the Best comfort Foods in L.A.! We like you, too!


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KCET’s Iconic Neighborhood Restaurants

What? We’re an iconic neighborhood restaurant? Thanks for including us on this list of wonderful LA restaurants, Michelle Lanz and KCET!

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Our Cornbread Bibingka

Our Cornbread Bibingka is famous!

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Flavors from The North: The Chef Randolph Remix


The Park’s Finest is excited to announce a special dinner engagement happening on the night of October 24th.

Flavors from the North will bless Echo Park – Los Angeles with the culinary stylings of the talented Chef Randolph Supnet, a veteran in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants. Born and raised in Hayward, California, Flavors from the North brings Chef Randolph’s interpretations through his specially curated prix fixe menu that showcases the dishes he grew up with, which include tastes reminiscent of Ilocos – the northernmost region in the Philippines – where his family originates. This is a special night The Park’s Finest is excited to bring to Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit our reservation page by clicking below:


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The Park’s Finest Spring Break!

For years we’ve been grinding hard, doing our best to provide the best food and service to all of you: our friends, our family, our community. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. But our smokers need a little break. Our crew needs a quick breather. Our bodies need some reenergizing. So, starting March 23rd, we will be CLOSED for TWO WEEKS. That’s right. March 23rd to April 4th, we will be CLOSED. For updates keep an eye on our social media and we’ll see you soon!

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